Annawyn and Nathan Laing

Annawyn and Nathan Laing


Habitat Studios is a Collective of Art, DJ/Sound, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Reiki and many other healing modalities for the Community. 

Habitat Studios was founded in 2005 by Nathan Laing as primarily an Art/Music studio.   Yoga was added to the Collective in 2015.  Reiki was added in 2017.

It's a safe, warm and creative space of Wellness.  We have monthly yoga classes featuring DjHabitat as well as Monthly Meditation Classes for FREE. We also have Private class offerings and Reiki Sessions as well by appointment.  Our goal is to pull the community together with a variety of Wellness events that incorporate processing life through creative expression through yoga, art and music.



Nathan Laing, Founder/Owner, Artist, DJ

Annawyn Laing, Co-Owner, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practioner

Wanda Bryant, Yoga Instructor

Judy Curiel, Yoga Instructor

Collective Members of the Community